Getting started on a remodel and unsure which type of contract would work best for you? There are two types of contacts that we choose between with our clients: Time & Materials vs Cost Plus. When we’re working with clients, we’ll explain each option. Our preference is a Time & Materials contract for most projects.

Wood Framing of stairway with hexagon tunnel under the stairsWe were working on a basement remodel in Preston, WA in 2018, to create a large open playroom for the kids. Working directly with the owners to design & plan the layout and all the details.

Once we got started on the framing and we all realized the amount of space under the stairs that could be utilized for the kids, we recommended opening it up to create a dynamic play space for the kids. A tunnel was added under the stairs that connected to another play area nook.

Such a shift in the project should be able to flow smoothly from idea to execution, depending on the type of contract we had set up with them could result in different billing outcomes:




Time & Materials:
In this method, the client is billed for the time worked and the cost of the materials (with a slight markup for overhead costs).

For this project, when the idea was suggested our quick meeting about the idea took less than an hour. Then the next few hours spent measuring and drawing out the new tunnel. Altogether a half-day extra of work outside of the original scope of the project.

Cost Plus:
This method when the client requests a change to the original scope of work, such as a budget issue or design change to the project. This would result in the need to create a change order form, done by the project manager to outline the change in the scope of work, cost of materials & estimate hours.

Not only can it change the final price, but there is a pause in all of the work, it takes time to figure out the new details, explain those prices changes to the customer/designer so everyone understands and that time is charged for.

It interrupts our employees and their workflow of the project, it’s not that we disagree, as it may be a great idea and improvement towards the project – we just don’t want to see your final costs towards a project increase too much just because of paperwork.

If you have any questions or want to speak to us about working with us on a remodeling project you have in mind, please reach out so we can talk more!