What’s is a Master Craftsman? A craftsman who is highly skilled and thoroughly experienced – specifically in residential remodeling.

Tom Steffes, the owner, always had his hand’s busy building or creating things at a young age. Watching & helping his father create beautiful creations for him & his siblings. Eventually, he started his career path into construction with a 1-year apprenticeship with a furniture maker. In 1979, he started his own roofing company for 5 years before branching out and started designing and remodeling homes. Originally called Steffes Design & Build, provided in-house design & remodeling services.

In 2009, Tom changed the name to Steffes Construction Inc. expanding the companies network to work with local architecture firms. This expanded their craft by working on a variety of high-end remodeling projects all over Seattle, WA. From small to large projects – kitchen or bathroom, to addition and whole-house remodels. 

Working for Steffes Construction provides the opportunity to work with Master Craftsmen –  with over 50+ years of construction / remodeling experience between us. It’s important to have the most up-to-date tools and technology for each phase of a project. We regularly do research and speak with other experts in the field to ensure we have the best tool available for the job.

We offer on-the-job, hands-on training with us and every tool. We pride ourselves as teachers and students – Master Craftsmen never stops learning. It’s important to learn from each job we work on and complete, always evaluating what we have done and how we could improve. We encourage people to learn in ways that work best for them, such as videos, reading,s and classes.

We are looking for experienced contractors to join our team – From those that have years of residential construction experience to those that are interested in enhancing their residential construction skills. We offer health benefits and paid time off.